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3 Primary Mintable Tokens

[C2E] Enterprises

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[C2E] Collaborative Commerce Enterprise Tokens, members tell their communities what products and services they want and the community satisfies these wants by sponsoring Enterprises to facilitate role-based economic activity to create these products and services. The Primary Need every community will provide is food and shelter to members who desire to live and work with in that community.

[PST] Member Persona

Member Sign Up

[PST] Unique Member Persona Token, every member mints their member identity token. Each member is responsible for managing the value of their [PST] Persona Token. Think of it as stock in your company and members may choose to allow other members to directly invest into an individual member's units. Think of it as M2M Crowdfunding.

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Explore how our Vault Equity Line of Credit (VELOC)unlocks member token liquidity?

Every member has a Secured Vault linked to their member [PST] persona token. The value of each members vault varies based on the tokens controlled by that members [PST] identity. Think of VELOCs like taking on silent investors in your company. They have no control or say in how you run your business, but they provide capital and receive a portion of your surplus value you create. C3 Alliance does NOT support the business practice of charging or collecting interest. All Risks and Rewards are equitable shared. This is the essence of Collaborative Commerce!!!

We Win Together or We Lose Together!

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