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[C2E] Collaborative Commerce Enterprises.

Member-owned cooperatives delivering the goods & services our members need & want!

Investment Target:

Affordable Housing Solutions

We are focused on acquiring real estate for our member benefit. These target real estate assets include:

  • Resorts- Hotels/Short term stay (Airbnb) properties

  • Multi-family residential apartment buildings

  • Single family residential homes

  • Investment Target:

    Healthy Food Solutions

    We believe that farm & ranch cooperatives are the best way to bring healthy food and nutritious real food to our members.
    Our target real estate assets include:

  • Ranches-active livestock operations

  • Farms- active organic operations

  • Warehouses- for inside grow operations

  • Member Wealth

    Self-Improvement Opportunities

    Our cooperative capital communities are designed with Co-Live/Work functionality built in! Everything our members need to succeed.

  • Skills focused development

  • Industry specific mentoring & apprentice

  • Location Independent education training

  • Explore Member Benefits

    How it works

    C3 Alliance Foundation sponsors a [C3P] Promoter Pool.
    The pool takes the funds to buy corporations and convert them into cooperatives.
    These new cooperatives are [C2E] enterprises. 

    Download the app

    Members access [C2E] opportunities
    via the mobile app/ online portal

    Buy & Sell

    Members conduct Producer/Purchaser
    role-based activities

    Accumulate Wealth

    Members earn compensation + patronage credits. Patronage credits are a direct metric of results contributed to the success of the [C2E]. Patronage credits convert into Partner Tokens and receive passive income dividends

    Explore Becoming a Member

    [PAT] Partner Tokens

    Accumulate wealth with [PAT] Partner Tokens. Get dividends.
    The only way to get Partner tokens is from Producer/Purchaser/Promoter Patronage!
    Patronage credits convert to Partner Tokens. It's that simple.

    Our self-improvement strategy to escape exploitation forever!


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