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Why become a C3 Alliance Cooperative Member?

Are you done with being exploited by corporatists?
Learn more about the benefits of membership.

3 Easy Membership Steps

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Member Benefits:

Access to Self-Improvement Tools!

CapX Marketplace

We're building the world's largest network of cooperative communities. Members-only access to our capital exchange marketplace is how we facilitate commerce. Picture...
Ebay+CareerBuilder+AirBnb in 1 Coop-marketplace!

Learn more...


Earn, Invest, and buy using our tokenized member to member economic system. C3 Alliance mints several different tokens for members to build wealth!

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Accumulate wealth with your secure member tokens storage wallet! Via our custodial partner. Until our proprietary mobile app wallet is complete Electrum.Org is our recommended wallet.

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Member to member collaborative commerce is how we Escape Exploitation!

Can I live tax-free?

The answer is yes, but with a few conditions. In summary members can offset Producer income with Purchaser expenses creating no taxable income. While still accumulating Partner Token units that receive dividends. Dividends paid out as fiat currency are taxable, but we have some tax-advantaged dividend options! Check out this article explaining how patronage works. 

Article here
Tell me about the mission

Our mission is to end global poverty and human exploitation.

Article here
Tell me about [C3P] Pool

Our C3 Alliance Token pool is how we fund our Corp2Coop conversion strategy.
Learn more about generating passive income, tax-free incentives, and helping members with Coop Capital funding.

Promoter Pool Info
Tell me about [C2E] Tokens

Our communities sponsor enterprises that deliver on our affordable, housing, healthy food, and work opportunities.
Learn more about collaborative commerce enterprises.

[C2E] Enterprises

New Member Onboarding

3 Simple Steps

Step One


Unique Member [PST] Persona Token

  • Complete easy online registration form

  • We will use this information to create your unique member token.

  • Choose your
    [PST] Identity

  • We use believe that a sovereign decentralized identity is the most secure option for the future. So part of the new member process is creating your own permanent [PST] Persona token.

    Step Two


    Select Your Crypto Wallet

  • Our wallet partner is
    Electrum.org Wallet

  • We recommend downloading the wallet from your mobile device app store. Electrum is available on both Android/ Apple IOS devises.

    Or use your current crypto wallet.

  • We will send an Invoice

  • For security purposes we will send an invoice to the information you provided in step one.

    Step Three


    Member Portal Options

  • Member App Portal

  • We will email you the download link for the C3 Alliance Member Portal Access

    *** App still under development

  • Online Access

  • Currently the Mobile app is still under development, but we will email member portal access to our members only CapX marketplace.

    Explore affordable housing, healthy food, and work opportunities online.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Become a member and if at anytime in the future you can cancel your membership and your membership fee will be 100% refunded in the first 90 days and prorated thereafter - no questions asked!

    Member Registration