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Some [PST] Persona Token Benefits!

Why do I need a [PST]?

You are probably familiar with a few of the pains of dealing with the web 2.0 ecosystem.

  • Trying to remember all those usernames and passwords

  • Social Media Platforms selling your data

  • Your Brand getting censored because some random person didn't like what you had to say

  • Having to PAY the platforms to access the audience that you have poured your time into building.

  • (SSO) Single Sign On

    Our open source API will allow you to ditch all those other login credentials

    Enhanced Member Profiles

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    Brand Building

    We provide audience building tools to grow your audience

    Censorship Resistant

    Your unique member persona has all the tools you need to maintain privacy and communicate with your audience

    Did you know you can make money with your [PST]?

    The first step is you must be a member. Then with your member token you can mint a new [PST] Persona Token that is linked to your member Vault. Then you may choose to allow promoters to invest in your [PST] or not it's up to you. However, your [PST] will build value based on your producer profile, performance history, and Vault value. See VELOC page for more info on that part.

    Mint Your [PST] Persona 

    Each [PST] Persona is issued with 10,000 NFT token units available that you control in your Vault. Build Equity by increasing the value of your vault with Profile, Audience, Producer Income credits...

  • Mint 10,000 Token Units

  • Par Value equal to Vault Value/10,000

  • You Control 

  • Sell

    Allow [PMT] Promoter members to invest into you! Simply sell some of your 10,000 units to them.

  • You determine the Token sales price for Promoter investors in your brand

  • List Your [PST] tokens on the CapX marketplace for new investors

  • Increase the value of your [PST] to raise the value of your tokens

  • VELOC Leverage

    Get Liquidity & Never Sell Your Tokens!
    With our Vault Equity Line Of Credit!
    Our [C3P] Promoter Pools provide liquidity to members using your Vault as collateral. 

  • M2M DeFi 

  • Accumulate Wealth

  • Earn Patronage Bonuses

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