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Reclaim Your Self-Sovereignty with [PST]

[PST] Persona Tokens

Unique Member Identity Persona Tokens are how you "Own Yourself"

Claim Your [PST] Identity Now

Why Unique Member IDentity Tokens?

The Value of your [PST] Persona Token is determined by the total value of the tokens you are storing in your vault. Your primary goal is to accumulate value in your vault so that you can increase your wealth by holding all of your units, you may choose to list some of your units on the CapX Marketplace, or you may choose to use the VELOC to leverage your vault equity for short term liquidity.

Hold in your Vault

Maintain control over all 10,000 of your token units. Build up the value of your [PST]

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  • Sell

    Allow other members to invest into you buy selling some of your 10,000 units to them.

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  • VELOC Leverage

    Our member funded Promoter Pool will provide equity to you with your token as collateral. 

  • Leverage the Equity of Your Vault

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  • Who Can Benefit From Becoming a Member?

    Anyone who considers themselves a producer of a product or service.
    However, here are a few target industries that are perfect for membership.

    Location Independent 

    If you are or want to be location independent producer.

    Have you dreamed of living in luxury resort locations all over the world? Has the laptop lifestyle been calling to you? Maybe you just want to be able to spend more time with your family and provide. Becoming a C3 Alliance member is the solution. 

    Highly Skilled Professional

    Are you an expert in your niche?

    We can offer everything you need to focus on producing the products and services that you are an expert in, just leave everything else to us. Our [C2E} Enterprise system provides everything you need so you can focus on what you do best!!!

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