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Why Be a Producer

Our Member Communities are designed to give you everything you need

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Selling Is a Win-Win For All!

Resort & Ranch Owners who choose to convert their ownership interests into Cooperative Capital Communities are Heroes!

We need owners to partner with us and transition their property into member owned communities.

Here are 3 Benefits of Partnering with Us:

  • Retain Ownership Interest in your Property

  • Sell a portion of your units to get cash out

  • Use Our Promoter Pool VELOC Option to leverage a portion of your units

  • Why Tokenize My Career?

    An easy way to think of it is we are just converting LLC member shares representing community ownership into Token Units that can be traded on our member CapX Marketplace.

    By creating token units we are unlocking liquidity in your property.

    Here is How it Works

    Our company provides multiple services to help your financial situation now and in the future

    1. Determine Offer Price

    Our team will complete an appraisal and make an offer.

    2. File for LLC in Jurisdiction

    Our team will complete all of the legal requirements to operate in your jurisdiction.

    3. Mint Community Token

    We will mint a token with 10,000 units representing equity interest in the community

    4. Allocate Member Units

    Based on the Offer Price the appropriate amount of units are assigned to you as the owner

    5. Member Funding

    Our member Promoters invest in your community by purchasing member units

    6. Relax & Enjoy Membership

    C3 Alliance management team will take care of all management operations

    Here is an Example

    You have a Resort/Hotel with 50 rooms in the Mountains of Colorado.
    Our team appraises the value at $2,000,000 USD. We make a full value offer.
    You agree to this offer. We proceed to filing for a LLC in Colorado with 10,000 units (shares).
    Then we mint a [C3A] Community Token with 10,000 units with a Par Value of $1,000 USD.
    The Community is now Valued at $10,000,000 USD.
    2,000 Units are transferred to your Vault (Crypto wallet) $2,000,000 Value

    We offer the remaining 8,000 Units to our Member Promoters to Buy.
    As a Member Owner You now have a few options available:


    As an equity owner in the community you can choose to enjoy passive income from your units


    The C3 Alliance Promoter Pool will serve as a market maker buyer for your units at the guaranteed par value of $1,000 USD/Unit. This will give you the $2,000,000 Cash Out Option.


    Our Promoter Pool will fund 80% of the value of your tokens interest free. However the income earned during that time goes to the Promoter Pool not you. 

    I Would Like An Offer on My Property

    Please have a member of your team contact me to discuss an offer.

    Let's talk

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