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Do What You Love To Do!

The genius inventor Tesla once said "Everything is Energy" We agree! Our tokenized patronage process is How we transmute energy.

Converting [WORK] Energy into satisfying a [WANT]
is a most basic human right. We call this the right to self-improvement.

Historically for-profit corporatists have exploited workers and customers like vampires extracting profits by any means necessary!

We understand that as humans we must work if we want to earn resources to trade for the products and services we want.

Everyone must have food, shelter, and products/services that bring us satisfaction, but if we do not work to earn we will not have the resources to trade for these desires. 

The solution: The World's 1st Web 3.0 Cooperative

How does it work?

First of all we are an alliance of cooperative capital communities (C3). We are a multi-stakeholder cooperative association under UK law.

Cooperatives have some awesome advantages over for-profit corporations! The biggest is we're member-owned so when we generate a surplus it goes back to the members as passive dividend income. 

As a producer you will earn your agreed on compensation, but as an added benefit you will also earn patronage credits that convert into Partner Tokens. 

The Partner Tokens are our version of Coop ownership shares, giving you rights to receive dividends and other member perks!

Live Tax-Free in our Communities!

Our Co-Live/Work Communities are the solution to the global affordable housing crisis!

Through our R&R Strategy we are acquiring Resorts & Ranches worldwide and converting them into members-only Co-Live/Work communities. 

Each community will be unique but all will prioritize self-sufficiency and climate sustainability. 

I'm sure you're wondering about the tax-free part???

Members earn role-based patronage credits. So for example your producer credits (Income) is offset by your purchaser credits (Expenses). This means means for tax purposes you can legally show that you are not earning any taxable income! All you have to is just use the cooperative to buy the stuff you need. 

Our C3 Alliance mobile app provides member-only access to our CapX Marketplace. Think of the CapX Marketplace as our coop version of Ebay+Upwork+AirBnb so you have access to everything you need!

  • [PDT] Producer

  • [PCT] Purchaser

  • [PMT] Promoter

  • Are you done being exploited by corporations?

    Our mission is simple: End global poverty & human exploitation!

    As the world's 1st Web 3.0 Cooperative Association we are building a future where WE OWN IT ALL TOGETHER!

    Using new blockchain technology we can now tokenize all types of capital assets.

    * [WORK]: Human labor, Intellectual Property, and Social Networks
    * Financial assets: Equity Shares/Bonds/Currencies/Etc.
    * Manufactured Goods: Equipment/Products & Services
    * Real Assets: Land/Buildings/_______

    Here's How You Earn

    How members accumulate wealth within our cooperative structure

    1. Members Speak (via app)

    Our members communicate the products and services they want to the communities

    2. [C3A] Communities Listen

    Our Communities sponsor Collaborative Commerce Enterprises to deliver the products and services our members want.

    3. [C2E] Enterprises

    Enterprises are similar to a Company where member producers work together to provide products and services for other members to purchase.

    4.[Wants] Listed on CapX

    Members can find the products and services they want in the CapX marketplace

    5. [Work] Opportunities

    Enterprises need producers.

    Members can find [PDT] Producer opportunities listed on the CapX

    6. Search & Stake

    Stake your [PST] Member ID token to the commerce agreements listed in the marketplace.
    Perform the [WORK] and Earn!

    Here is an Example

    You search the CapX marketplace and discover a commerce agreement listing for app developer/blockchain coding opportunity.
    You stake your [PST] Member ID Token to the contract. The [C2E] Enterprise reviews your work qualifications and agrees you are qualified. Based on the project, the demand for position, Your abilities, and the difficulty in finding qualified producers an offer is submitted to you.
    The offer will include the position description/expectations, minimum performance metrics, and over-performance rewards/under-performance penalties.
    If you agree the the offer. Then the resources you need to perform the commerce agreement will be released to you, and you may begin earning.

    Search & Stake 

    Search the CapX marketplace and stake your [PST] token to commerce agreements.


    Enterprises will review your qualifications and submit an offer for your review.


    Review terms of the offer and accept. Start Earning!!!

    100% Members Only Cooperative