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C3 Alliance Community Development Funding Strategy

[C3P] C3 Alliance Pools
Are how we end human exploitation!

Here is how it all works...

Why [C3P] Community Development Pools?

Create Passive Income Wealth

[C3P] Promoter Pools earn patronage. The patronage earned converts into Partner Tokens that members own in their Vaults. When the member-owned enterprises [C2E] generate surpluses from delivering goods/services that surplus is paid out to Partner token holders.

The only way to earn Partner Tokens is from role-based patronage activities. Purchaser/Producer/Promoter inside the cooperative community.

Members build wealth by accumulating Partner Tokens that receive passive dividend income. To incentivize Promoter role activity, Promoter patronage receives 2x bonus multiplier. 

What is a [C3P] Pool?

Think of it as a cooperative community managed members-only mutual fund. 

  • Instead of investing in Stocks we invest in [C2E] Enterprises

  • The C3 Alliance reserve currency is Bitcoin, priced as Satoshis

  • Members Buy the [C3P] Tokens to Earn Promoter Patronage

  • The 10,000 [BTC] is used to purchase corporations and convert them into member-owned cooperatives


Each [C3P] Pool issues 1,000,000 token units

Par Value

Each Token has a set value of 0.01 Bitcoin
or 1M [SATS] (Satoshis)

2X Bonuses

Promoters receive a 2X multiplier Bonus to incentivize investment


We buy for-profit corporations and convert them into [C2E] member cooperatives

Here's how the incentives work

[PMT] Promoter Role Patronage

Members earn [PMT] Promoter patronage credits to their member vault based on investing into the [C3P] pools.

[PAT] Partner Tokens

Member patronage credits are converted into Partner Tokens that are eligible for dividends from [C2E] Surpluses

Patronage Conversion Example

Member earns [PMT], [PDT], [PCT] patronage during the accounting period.

Member Vault: Balance

[PDT] 100 Tokens- Earned from Work contracts

[PCT] 100 Tokens- Earned from purchases

[PMT] 200 Tokens- Earned from [C3P] Investing

Converts to [PAT] Partner Tokens Board Approved Ratio

[PDT] 100 x 0.25= 25 [PAT]

[PCT] 100 x 0.25= 25 [PAT]

[PMT] 200 x 0.50= 100 [PAT] Total = 150 [PAT] Tokens

When the [C3P] Pools receives Surplus from the [C2E] Enterprises - Total Surplus is divided by Outstanding [PAT] Tokens. 
Ex. in USD- $1,000,000 Surplus Total
10,000,000 [PAT] Tokens Outstanding

Equals $0.10/[PAT] 

Members has 150 [PAT] = $15 dividend

We Own Everything Together

No one ever gets exploited! Each member earns patronage on their role-based contributed economic activity. There isn't an employer under-compensating workers to create a profit for shareholders who have ZERO contribution to the goods & services being delivered. 

Shared Risk/ Shared Reward Incentives

Since we use the cooperative business model all members are equal. We all share in the risks involved with operating enterprises to deliver goods and services to our members. Rather than corporate shareholders who provide capital and receive passive income from the work of other people our members directly benefit from their work! Plus purchasers receive benefits from choosing to be a member and shop in our CapX marketplace.

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  • What Does [C3P] Pools Invest In?

    Community Development [C2E]'s

    C3 Alliance's Mission is to End Global Poverty and Human Exploitation!

    Our #1 metric for measuring our performance is the WORK/WANT Efficiency conversion ratio.
     We understand that our members have one goal and that is to efficiently turn their WORK energy into satisfying WANTS!

    To satisfy their WANTS they understand that WORK needs to be performed to receive compensation.


    Enterprises will be sponsored to facilitate growing food and delivering via CapX Marketplace and community kitchens


    Providing living accommodations. Each community will have enterprises for the purpose of housing for members.


    Enterprises are also where members can provide their work to the communities. Members participate in commerce and earn compensation and patronage

    [C2E]'s Solve the Human Exploitation Problem!

    We're Building Humanity's Escape Path!

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    Cooperative Capital Communities are the Solution!

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