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[C2E] Collaborative Commerce Enterprises

[C2E]'s Are Our Version of
Multi-stakeholder Cooperatives 

Here is how it all works...

What is a collaborative commerce enterprise? 

Many are familiar with Cooperatives, but...

We have made a few innovations to the old cooperative business model.

  • Role-Based Patronage: [PMT] Promoter, [PDT] Producer, [PCT] Purchaser all earn patronage based on contributed economic activity. 

  • Members earn patronage credits as tokens deposited into their member wallet. We call the "Vault". Patronage credits earned are converted into Partner Tokens.

  • When a [C2E] generates a surplus (profit) dividends are paid to members based on Partner Tokens controlled in the member Vault!

  • [C2E]'s are responsible for providing management and organizational structure for members.

We have Two Types of [C2E]'s 

[PDT] Producer Cooperative

This type of collaborative commerce enterprise is designed to focus on representing the interests of the producers. You can think of this type of [C2E] as a "Workers" cooperative. Focus is on making sure producer contributions are never exploited! This [C2E] type is how goods and services are produced and delivered to our members for purchase in the CapX member-to-member marketplace.

[PDT] Producer Member Career Training

A primary role for this type of cooperative is self-improvement opportunities through:

  • Mentor/Apprentice Training Programs

  • New Skills Development Resources

  • Verified Credentials:
    Education & Experience

  • [PCT] Purchaser Cooperative

    This type of collaborative commerce enterprise is designed to focus on representing the interests of the purchasers. You can think of this type of [C2E] as a "Buyers" cooperative, kind of like a Members Discount Club. This [C2E] type primary focus is making sure our members have access to the goods/services they want for purchase in the CapX member-to-member marketplace.

    [PCT] Purchaser Corp2Coop Conversion strategy

    One focus area for this type of [C2E] is facilitating goods & services acquisition for members. We target corporations for conversion to cooperative business model. These corporations will become the enteprises that produce the goods/services our members want.

  • Work to Want Conversion Ratio?

    C3 Alliance's Mission is to End Global Poverty and Human Exploitation!

    Our #1 metric for measuring our performance is the WORK/WANT Efficiency conversion ratio.
     We understand that our members have one goal and that is to efficiently turn their WORK energy into satisfying WANTS!

    To satisfy their WANTS they understand that WORK needs to be performed to receive compensation.


    Enterprises will be sponsored to facilitate growing food and delivering via CapX Marketplace and community kitchens


    Providing living accommodations. Each community will have enterprises for the purpose of housing for members.


    Enterprises are also where members can provide their work to the communities. Members participate in commerce and earn compensation and patronage

    [C2E]'s Solve the Human Exploitation Problem!

    We're Building Humanity's Escape Path!

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    Cooperative Capital Communities are the Solution!

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