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Cooperative Capital Communities Alliance

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  • Vision #1

  • Create a movement that empowers individual sovereignty inside of communities that provide economic security and self-improvement opportunities.

  • Vision #2

  • Is to create an alternative Cooperative Eco-system that provides an option to "op-out" of the current systems that are exploiting humankind.

  • Mission

  • Our mission is to end the global exploitation of humans and facilitate the inherent right to self-sovereign evolution.|

  • Develop SILC's 

  • Resort style living environments that are completely self sustaining. Self Improvement Lifestyle Communities around the globe.

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    C3 Alliance is here to Build a Better Eco-System

    Cooperatives vs. Corporations
    Sociocratic Democracy vs Rigid Power Hierarchy
    Communitarianism vs Crony Capitalism
    Distributed Wealth 99% vs Consolidated Wealth 1%
    Decentralized Success vs Consolidated Oppression
    Democratization of Wealth vs Oligarchical Hoarding
    Future Currency vs Manipulated Fiat Currency
    Collaboration vs Competition
    (Shared Risk/Reward incentivizes innovation)
    Tokenized Capital Exchange vs Corrupt Capital Markets
    Contract based Society vs Inequitable application of Justice (governments & wealthy use laws to oppress)

    Vision to transition from Crony Capitalism to a Shared Ownership Enterprise economic system.

    Move the World to the Decentralized Internet Facilitate a sustainable Earth for 10 Billion People by year 2100!

    Solutions to Global Problems:

    Economic inequality; Provide ecosystem for global Prosperity for the 99% Collaborative Commerce Enterprises are the Solution to the current capital crisis!

    Energy is the capacity for doing work, thus the Work Token, controlled via contract for sovereign improvement. We must stop the exploitation of human capital aka labor, theft of worker IP and usurpation of social networks. Current employment system is to exploit producer contribution to an economic enterprise by paying the lowest wage possible and capturing the increased economic value as surplus or profit to a small group of “owners”. We must stop crony capitalism of C-Corps and governments. The best option is to create an alternate system. Why are Cooperatives the solution for the world? Cooperative business structure is by design a member controlled organization. It is how the “99%” achieve economic security and lifestyle improvement. Transition from an extraction (current crony-capitalism) based system over to a collaborative commerce system of communities is how we create a secure future for all! We call this approach “Communitarianism”. An emphasis on communities as the infrastructure for progressive evolution and unique expression of individual sovereign rights. Collaborative Commerce is acquisition/control of capital for the benefit of all member-partners Role-based patronage is how we reward people for investing in themselves and incentivize collaboration.

    Create a marketplace to facilitate collaborative commerce enterprise.

    Business Model is to transition solo-preneur, small & medium size businesses into joining the C3 Alliance. It is our goal to incentivize current business owners (founders) to transition their businesses from current top-down controlled entities (C-Corp) into bottom-up controlled business structure entities (Coop/LLC/Partnerships). To communicate the value of breaking free from the current corrupt system of crony capitalism over to the collaborative commerce enterprise system. Many of these businesses can easily make the transition by adopting a change to their articles and by-laws. We also support the adoption of FairShares organizational structuring language.

    Core Principles:
    1. Everything is vibration!
    2. Everything is capital!
    3. Everything can be tokenized! (Tokenization is how we opt out of the current systems)
    4. Collaborative Commerce empowers all member-partners; community member-citizens.
    5. Compensation & Accountability should match performance & actions, Over performance must be rewarded and under performance must be held accountable with a cost.
    6. Objective metrics supersede subjective metrics.

    Progressive Evolution is the most basic inherent characteristic of Humanity!

    The age old question who controls the Capital allocation and enjoys the rewards from value creation? Wealth is created from value creation. Value creation comes from exchanging capital for the satisfaction of a need/want. Satisfaction of needs/wants is fundamental to self-improvement.

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