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We Can Only Win Together!

As a multi-stakeholder Cooperative Association role-based patronage is critical to our success. Our innovation as the world's 1st Web 3.0 Cooperative, is tokenized patronage. This is how we link member results contributed directly to the cooperative's overall surplus created! This means your over-performance is rewarded with additional passive income as a dividend when the coop generates a surplus (profit) within the communities. This means each role is rewarded for sharing in the risks involved with delivering goods & services to our members. Each role is CRITICAL to OUR success.

Promoter Role

The promoter role is very similar to a venture capital equity partner. Except you don't have to worry about a promoter trying to steal your ideas or hard work! It's members helping members win. 

  • #1 Capital that Enhances vs Exploits

  • #2 M2M Crowdfunding platform

  • #3 JV Shared Risks & Rewards

  • Producer Role

    The producer role are member entrepreneurs. We don't believe that the "employee" classification should even exist! We believe compensation should be determined by objective results contributed.

  • #1 Your ability to deliver matters most

  • #2 Collaboration is rewarded

  • #3 We love skills-based creators

  • Purchaser Role

    The purchaser role is often taken for granted by for-profit corporations, but we understand no customer means no revenue. We value purchaser members so we provide patronage rewards to them as well!

  • Enjoy Member CapX Marketplace

  • No Stupid Middleman Markups

  • Better Quality from Members

  • Collaborative Commerce Enterprises
    [C2E]'s are the economic engines for delivering solutions

    1. Affordable housing solutions 

    2. Sustainable & nutritious food solutions

    3. Self-Improvement Solutions- Affordable Educational & Skills Career Training

    Why Cooperative Capital Communities Alliance?

    C3 Alliance exists to deliver self-improvement opportunities to our members!
    We believe self-improvement is the most fundamental human right we have. To us self-improvement means the right to improve the circumstances of your life. Such as, access to dignified housing, healthy nutritious food, and skills training to create member wealth!

    [C3P] Promoter Pools

    We "Own" it All Together!

    C3 Alliance Foundation sponsors community development pools. These pools are designed to provide the capital needed to acquire [C2E] enterprises to produce the goods & services for our members to enjoy. To learn more about promoter patronage opportunities and benefits...

    C3 Alliance Foundation

    Corp2Coop Conversion Strategy

    Innovative Solution to Acquisitions

    Our team of tax & legal experts have developed this innovative strategy to create opportunities for corporations to convert over to cooperatives. Plus receive 100% of appraised fair market value of the business and real estate assets. Through a hybrid equity and charitable donation offer using the Foundations 501(c)3 charity status and enterprise coop shares with a guaranteed cash buyout schedule. We have designed the perfect strategy for a Win-Win-Win offer.

    See Example Here

    Non-Profit Management

    Association Administration

    Cooperative Capital Communities Alliance Foundation aka C3 Alliance Foundation is domiciled in Metro Houston Texas Area, USA. The Foundation exists to provide a non-profit legal structure for the administration of the cooperative association. The Board of Directors for the Foundation are elected by the C3 Alliance members on a one-vote per member basis.

    To support the C3 Alliance with a Tax-Deductible Donation